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I make the internet more useful human kind

Content strategist, policy wonk, and internet maker by trade. Philosopher and political theorist by training. Community-led design facilitator in practice. Lover of style guides. Advocate for unconferences, open-access publishing, and interdisciplinary scholarship. Obsessing at the intersection of academia, design, and policy.

I am a political philosopher and policy nerd obsessed with typography, design, and technology. I am most interested in the intersections of normally unrelated fields, for instance:

To put it another way: I study interconnectedness and find ways for academic scholarship to create practical social change.

Nerd of many trades

I am content and design strategist 18F and founder of A Yellow Raven a consultancy focused on design strategy and community-led co-design facilitation. I’ve worked in government, social and environmental justice, and building inclusive communities in journalism. I help organizations and communities dream big to create radical justice.

One day, I may grow up to become a scholar.