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Articles written before 2013 are published at Normative Connections.


A Yellow Raven

Posts about my content strategy and publishing consultancy: A Yellow Raven.


Pieces on floriography.bernardyu.com, digitizations of 19th and 20th century dictionaries on the language of flowers.

Future of Academic Communication

The traditional processes for academic publishing and research are broken. For-profit publishers have closed access to the works they have published and limited metadata. Peer-review is struggling to keep up with the pace of new research. And it is impossible to keep up with all the pertinent work in any but the smallest fields. And this is all happening when the future of much of our research is interdisciplinary, when many of the most interesting academic discussions are happening outside of traditional journals, and we can find infinite uses for datasets beyond the original research. So…what’s next?

Making Space for Democracy

How do we make society more just, inclusive, and sustainable? No really, how do we go from what we have right now to reshape government, civic life, and individual action to something better? What does better even mean?

On being human

What are the fundamental structures that shape who we are and persons and as people? How is that changing? How will it stay the same? What is in our future and what of our past can tell us how the future should and shouldn’t be?

On My health

I lost half my blood at the end of October 2014. This is what happened next.

Reflections on Memory

We have been augmenting our memory with technology since we invented language, perhaps before. Now we are going even further: Collecting more data about ourselves, our communities, and each other than any single person can meaningfully process. Here I reflect on our natural memories, the benefits and pitfalls of augmenting our memories with technology, and offer cautious optimism for the future.

Sneak-Attack (meta)Philosophy

Posts about Sneak-Attack Philosophy, its brethren (Normative Connections, Fork on the Left), and my other personal internet presences.


Trying to figure out what I want to do.